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Who is Pilot Youtuber 74 Gear?

74 Gear (b. April 1, 1987) is an American pilot and YouTuber well-known as an aviation and commercial flying expert. Pilot Kelsey has over 1.16M YouTube subscribers as of March 2024. Aviation enthusiasts, future pilots, and those curious about the realism of aviation scenes in Hollywood can all discover relevant content on the 74 Gear channel.

It was his uncle who inspired him to become a pilot, but his uncle never had an opportunity to be hired as a professional pilot since he lost his medical to fly. Moreover, it was during one of his free time while working that an idea came through of starting another full-time job hence creating a YouTube Channel where he enlightened people about flight safety features.

He wants to switch to the 747 as he has the rank to be a captain on a smaller flight, but not on this one. Pilot Kelsey believes that flying to more sought-after destinations is another reason he favors flying on the 747.

74 Gear Photo
74 Gear Photo

Over 8.5 million people have watched “Terrible Advice on Surviving Plane Crash | TikTok Roast,” one of his most popular videos. He is active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Moreover, he flies Dreamlifters. In August 2018, he posted a video on YouTube called “Pilot Training: How to Become an Airline Pilot.”

The Boeing 747 pilot and as a YouTuber, boasting over 1.6M Subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 134K Followers on his Instagram account and with more than 41.1K Followers on TikTok.

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Full NameKelsey Hughes
Age36 Years Old
BirthdayApril 1
Relationship StatusUnknown
Height5 feet  7 inches
Known ForBoeing 747 & Dreamlifter Pilot and YouTuber
Zodiac SignAries
Net Worth$349,000 – $656, 000 (Approx.)

Early Life and Childhood

Pilot Kelsey’s upbringing in the Texas, which was characterized by his parents’ love and care for him, was a nurturing environment that probably had a big impact on how he developed as a person and what he stood for. To protect their personal privacy, people in the public spotlight, like YouTubers, frequently keep information about their family and siblings to themselves.

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74 Gear Photo
74 Gear Photo

Personal Life

Is Kelsey Pilot Married? Pilot Kelsey  might be dating someone in secret or perhaps married to his loving Wife. However, he hasn’t disclosed any details about his love life. While fans and the public may be curious about his love life, it’s important to respect his decision to keep these details private.

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