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Who is Charina Almanzar (Ice Spice’s Mom) | Age, Nationality

Charina Almanzar Biography

Charina Almanzar is the mother of beautiful 23 years old rapper from the Bronx, New York called Ice Spice. She blew up the internet for her striking resemblance to her daughter and also videos of her vibing to her daughter’s songs.

Charina’s story weaves a tale of youthful connection and the challenges of early parenthood. She found herself entwined in the life of Joseph Gaston, an underground rapper whose path crossed hers at a McDonald’s store. Their chance meeting blossomed into a relationship that eventually led to a significant life event—the birth of their daughter, Ice Spice, when Charina herself was just 17 years old.

Their journey as young parents wasn’t without its hardships. Navigating the responsibilities of parenthood while still coming to terms with their own growth was a challenging task. As they embraced the joys and difficulties that raising a child brings, their relationship matured alongside their new roles as parents.

However, the challenges proved to be overwhelming, and Charina and Joseph decided to part ways when Ice Spice was only two years old. Their separation marked a turning point in their lives, as they embarked on separate paths to navigate the complexities of co-parenting and personal growth.

Charina Almanzar

Charina Almanzar Photo

Charina recently viral on the internet in August 2023 after a video of her enjoying her daughter’s latest song “Deli” surfaced the internet leaving fans completely amazed with her beauty and resemblances to her daughter, most fans even said that they could literally be sisters and said that Ice Spice really got it from her momma!

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Many fans were left curious and wanting to see more of Charina but unfortunately, she is really private and nobody really knows her social media handles. Below is the video posted on Youtube;

Charina Almanzar Age

Charina was also born and raised in the Brox, She has, however, not revealed her real age to the public. Her date of birth still remains unclear till now.

Charina Almanzar Nationality

Charina’s heritage is rooted in the vibrant culture of the Dominican Republic. Her background adds a colorful layer to her identity, intertwining her experiences with the rich traditions and flavors that the Dominican culture brings.

From the rhythms of merengue to the warmth of the Caribbean, her Dominican roots have undoubtedly shaped her perspective and added a unique dimension to her story.

Charina Almanzar Instagram

She has not revealed her Instagram account to the public.

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