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Cheryl Casone Biography

Cheryl Casone (b. July 18, 1970) is a prominent  American News presenter from Texas, She is recognized for working for FOX Business Network hosting a show called American Dream Home.

Casone is a graduate of the Northern Arizona Universty where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public relations graduating in 1992. She had aher highschool education from Thunderbird Highschool in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her journey with FBN began in September 2007 when she joined the network as an anchor, bringing her expertise and insight to the financial world.

One of her notable roles is as the host of “American Dream Home,” a captivating show aired on FBN every Wednesday at 9pm ET. Through this show, she delves into the realm of real estate, exploring the stories of individuals pursuing the American dream of homeownership.

Casone isn’t confined to FBN alone; her insightful contributions extend to FOX News Channel as well. She serves as a financial contributor, regularly providing in-depth analysis and perspectives on financial matters. Notably, her weekly job reports contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the job market, offering viewers valuable insights.

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Her journey in the world of journalism has been rich and diverse. Before her tenure with FBN, Casone made her mark as a freelance business correspondent for CNN. Her reporting often centered around the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where she showcased her knack for deciphering complex financial trends and market movements.

Cheryl Casone

Cheryl Casone Photo

In addition to her work with CNN, she also contributed her journalistic prowess to CBS Newspath as a general assignment reporter. Her dedication and drive in reporting earned her the opportunity to work with esteemed networks like MSNBC and NBC. In New York, she took on roles as an overnight and early morning news anchor, leaving a mark with her insightful reporting.

Her journey extends beyond New York as well. She anchored a business show for KRON-TV in San Francisco, showcasing her ability to connect with audiences nationwide. Her role as both a business and general assignment reporter allowed

Cheryl Casone Age

How Old is Cheryl Casone? She was born in Dallas, Texas, on the 18th of July makinng her 53 years old in 2023, She also celebrates her birthday on July 1st every single year and her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Cheryl Casone Family

She was raised by her parents in Dallas, Her dad used to work for the governemnt as an engineering consultant, She has not trevealed any other informatin on her mother or whether she has any sibings. Cheryl and her family moved alot during her childhood, They lived insweden for almost a year then moved to Ohio before moving to Texas and lastly Arizona.

Cheryl Casone Husband

Is She Married? Not Yet! But according to reliable sources, Cheryl is currently dating a handsome man called Joshua Henne. Not much is really known about Joshua but they seem to be happy together.

Wiki and Facts

Real Name Cheryl Casone
Age 53 years Old
Birthday July 18
Nationality American
Relationship Status Dating Joshua Henne
Height 5 feet  6 inches (1.68 meters)
Known For FOX News
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Salary Over $500,000 (2023)

Cheryl Casone Height

Cheryl stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches approximately 1.68 meters.

Cheryl Casone Salary

As a FOX Buisness Network host, Cheryl makes an annual salary of over $500,000 in 2023.



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Simpler Facts About Cheryl

Cheryl Casone

  1. Born in Dallas, Texas, on July 18.
  2. 53 years old as of 2023.
  3. Celebrates birthday on July 18.
  4. Zodiac sign is Cancer.
  5. Graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations in 1992.
  6. Attended Thunderbird High School in Phoenix, Arizona.
  7. Joined FBN as an anchor in September 2007.
  8. Her dad worked as an engineering consultant for the government.
  9. Moved frequently during childhood, living in Sweden, Ohio, Texas, and Arizona.
  10. Currently in a relationship with Joshua Henne; not much information available about him.

Bonus: She earns an annual salary of over $500,000 in 2023.

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