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Who is Instagram Star Claire RockSmith?

Claire Rocksmith (b. May 24, 2008) is an American multi-talented young star from Atlanta, Georgia. She is an actress, TikTok star, and a content creator for her fandom on YouTube where she has more than 850k subscribers.

Besides, she has appeared in numerous episodes in the ongoing TV series Snowbound where her sister Reese is regular cast. She began posting on her YouTube channel in August 2020. One of her most popular YouTube videos is titled “CAUGHT My Crush FLIRTING With My Cousin” and features Hayden Haas.

Parents and Sister

Her upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia, where she received love and affection from her parents, fostered a nurturing environment that likely influenced the formation of her values and character. Likewise, she often shares YouTube videos featuring her mother, Ashley, who is gay, while keeping the identity of her father private. Above that, it is believe to be the cousin of Piper Rockelle  and niece to Tiffany Rockelle.

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Reese, the younger sister of RockSmith, resides with her and often appears on her YouTube and Instagram profiles. Additionally, Reese has garnered more than 40,000 followers on her account, reeserockstarsmith. Rock143 LLC manages her Instagram account.

Claire RockSmith
Claire RockSmith Photo

Reese’s content mainly focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, showcasing her unique sense of style and bubbly personality. Her collaboration with various brands has helped her gain a significant following, and her engaging posts never fail to captivate her audience.

With the support of Rock143 LLC, Reese continues to thrive in the world of social media influencing, constantly expanding her reach and influence in the digital world.

Full NameClaire RockSmith
Age15 Years Old 2023
Birthday24th of May
Relationship StatusUnknown
Height5 feet (1.52 m)
Known Forcontent creator, ClaireRockSmith YouTube channel
Zodiac SignGemini
Net Worth$350,000 (Approx.)

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Personal Life | Relationships

Ayden Mekus is a content creator whom RockSmith used to date, but their relationship was short-lived. Despite their close bond, she never revealed the reason for their breakup. Additionally, Mekus frequently appeared on her channel. It is rumored that their breakup was due to conflicting schedules and priorities.
Claire RockSmith Boyfriend
Claire RockSmith Boyfriend
However, both Rocksmith and Mekus have remained respectful towards each other in public and have not addressed the specifics of their split. Fans of the couple continue to speculate about the reasons behind their breakup, but ultimately, only RockSmith and Mekus know the truth. Mekus on the other hand, is currently dating Neela Jolene lip sync content creator. The two have been dating since March 2023. 

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