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Jason Tian Lil Tay’s Brother | Bio, Age, Is He Dead?

Who is Jason Tian | Biography

Jason Tian is the famous elder brother of American internet personality Lil Tay, The two blew the internet after rumors spread that they were both involved in a fatal car accident which was later confirmed to be nothing but a rumor.

Jason Tian and Lil Tay

Jason’s sister’s real name is Claire Hope, She stepped into the spotlight as a rapper and Instagram sensation, captivating audiences with her unique style and bold presence.

It was in 2018 that Claire’s journey into the realm of digital stardom began. Armed with an unapologetic attitude and a penchant for flaunting her success, she carved out a niche for herself in the social media landscape.

Through a series of carefully curated posts, she showcased her affinity for opulence, often displaying stacks of money and the allure of luxury cars. This unfiltered glimpse into her world resonated with viewers, quickly drawing attention and admiration.

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The heart of Claire’s fame lies in her Instagram account, where her magnetic content has garnered an impressive following of over 3.4 million followers.

Jason Tian

Jason Tian and Lil Tay

One interesting fact is that Jason is actually the genius behind Lil Tay’s success, in most of her videos you can hear Jason’s voice directing her on how to act, what to say, and what to do.

He is actually a rapper, he used to post his rap videos on youtube under the alias “Rycie” before launching his sister’s career. His rap videos barely made it through well so he decided to spice things up and let his little sister take center stage and it worked out very well actually even better than they all expected.

He wrote all the lyrics to Lil Tay’s songs and coached her on how to ap them and flow with the beat and he did quite a good job on that, but he received backlash from the online world claiming that he was lowkey exploiting his sister and even exposing her to profane lyrics and words. He is even heard in one of the videos scolding her to be a little bit more ignorant.

Jason Tian Age

How Old is Jason Tian? He is 21 years old in 2023, He was born in the year 2002, His sister Lil Tay is 14 years old in 2023, She was born on July 29, 2009.

Jason Tian Parents

Jason’s parents are Christopher Hope and Angela Tian, His mom Angela used to work as a luxury real estate agent but later lost her job for letting her Jason’s sister Lil Tay make videos in Clients belongings. His father Christopher is an attorney and author.

Is Jason Tian Dead?

Well, first of all, Jason is not dead, He is still alive and well and so is his little sister Lil Tay. Jason and Lil Tay made more headlines after a report posted on her Instagram account that she had passed away together with her brother Jason, the report stated;

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