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Matthew Amroliwala BBC News | Biography, Age, Wife, Nationality

Matthew Amroliwala Biography

Matthew Amroliwala (b. 1962) is a renowned British News presenter, He is recognized for being a chief presenter for the channel. He is also known to have presented BBC’s Crimewatch show alongside Scottish presenter Kristy Young.

Beginning as a chartered accountant, he later embraced the realm of journalism by becoming a part of the BBC. His journey took a new turn in 1990 when he began reporting as a correspondent for BBC network television. The year 1997 saw him stepping into the BBC News Channel, where he became a host for evening programs.

In 2001, a new chapter began as he took the helm of the late afternoon news program, initially alongside Jane Hill and later with Maxine Mawhinney. The years brought changes in time slots, with shifts from morning to afternoon broadcasts, partnered with Emily Maitlis on Mondays.

Through his journalistic path, he reported on significant global events, dedicating attention to Northern Ireland and offering insights into the fall of Srebrenica in Bosnia. His presence extended through the Balkans during the Bosnian conflict, ensuring stories reached audiences far and wide.

Matthew Amroliwala

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With a diverse portfolio, he also co-hosted the program Crimewatch, focusing on solved cases alongside Kirsty Young and Rav Wilding. Stepping onto the international stage, he assumed the role of presenter for the flagship program Global on BBC World News, showcasing the BBC’s commitment to global coverage.

His dedication led to expanding responsibilities, including hosting World News Today on BBC World News and BBC Four. A significant milestone emerged in February 2023 when it was revealed that he would become a chief presenter for the new BBC news channel, catering to both UK and international viewers, set to launch in April 2023.

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Matthew Amroliwala Age

How Old is Matthew Amroliwala? He was born in Leeds, England, in the year 1962 making him 60-61 years old in 2023, His birthday and zodiac sign still remain unclear to the public.

Matthew Amroliwala Family | Nationality

He was raised in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire by his parent. Coming to his educational background, Amroliwala studied at King’s Ely then later went to Durham University graduating in the year 1984. He is British in Nationality.

Matthew Amroliwala Wife

Is He Married? Yes! Matthew is married to a news journalist called Jackie Long and they share five wonderful children to complete their perfect family. They got married back in the year 1999.  Jackie works for Channel News 4 as their Social affairs editor after working for BBC News for more than 20 years, She has now worked for Channel 4 News since the year 2011.

Wiki and Facts

Real Name Mehrwan F. Amroliwala
Age 60-61 years Old
Birthday Under Review
Nationality British
Relationship Status Married to Jackie Long
Height 5 feet  9 inches (1.75 meters)
Known For BBC News
Zodiac Sign Under Review
Salary $200,000 (2023)

Matthew Amroliwala Height

Matthew stands tall at a height of 1.75 meters approximately 5 feet 9 inches.

Matthew Amroliwala Salary

As a chief presenter for the BBC News Channel, Matthew most probably makes around $200,000 every single year from his position at the station. He is probably one of the highest-paid presenters on BBC.

Matthew’s Social Media

You can follow him on his Twitter Account.

Simpler Facts About Matthew

  1. He was born in Leeds, England, in 1962, making him around 60-61 years old in 2023.
  2. He studied at King’s Ely and later graduated from Durham University in 1984.
  3. He holds British nationality.
  4. Matthew is married to news journalist Jackie Long.
  5. They have five children together.
  6. They got married in 1999.
  7. Jackie Long works as a Social Affairs Editor for Channel 4 News.
  8. She had worked for BBC News for over 20 years before joining Channel 4 News in 2011.
  9. Matthew’s height is approximately 1.75 meters (5 feet 9 inches).
  10. As chief presenter for BBC News Channel, he likely earns around $200,000 annually, making him one of BBC’s highest-paid presenters.
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