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Richard Taubman (Christie Brinkley Husband) | Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Richard Taubman Biography

Richard Taubman is an American figure known for his roles as a real estate developer, photographer, and singer. However, he gained significant public attention as the third husband of the renowned model, Christie Brinkley.

How Old is Richard Taubman? – Age

Richard is 75 years old as of 2023, He was born in 1948 in the USA.

Richard Taubman Family

Born in 1948, Taubman’s early life remains relatively obscure. Some sources suggest he might be the offspring of the late S. Morris Taubman, a notable real estate magnate, and may have held stakes in the family’s real estate empire.

In contrast, other accounts contend that Richard is not related to the billionaire Taubman family and might have misled Christie Brinkley regarding his lineage. Taubman maintains a minimal social media presence, with a private Facebook account.

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Richard Taubman’s Net Worth

Richard has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 million as of 2023 from her career.

Richard Taubman Marriages

Prior to his marriage to Christie Brinkley, Richard had experienced another marital relationship. His first wife was Elizabeth Freeman, and their union lasted for three years. During their divorce proceedings, allegations surfaced about Taubman’s temperament and instances of violence in his first marriage.

From court documents related to his initial divorce, it was revealed that financial concerns had been a source of contention in the marriage. Taubman was reportedly spending lavishly, sometimes up to $61,000 per month, and exhibited an unwillingness to adhere to a budget. Following this divorce, there is no public record of other known relationships or romantic involvements.

Who is Christie Brinkley?

Richard Taubman

Richard Taubman and Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley, a renowned supermodel celebrated for her iconic blonde beauty, had been the muse and wife of singer-songwriter Billy Joel during the 1980s. In fact, she starred in the music video for Joel’s famous song, “Uptown Girl.” Their marriage began to encounter difficulties, with Brinkley later remarking that the last two years of her nearly ten-year marriage to Joel were fraught with differences.

It was during a vacation with Billy Joel in the exclusive ski resort of Telluride that Brinkley crossed paths with Richard Taubman. Their attraction was instantaneous, and, in a subsequent interview, Brinkley disclosed that her marriage to Joel had been faltering. Richard and Christie began spending time together, even embarking on a flight in Taubman’s Cessna Grand Caravan 12-seater airplane with Brinkley’s daughter, Alexa Ray Joel.

Their romantic involvement was swiftly followed by a helicopter accident the next day. Brinkley sustained minor injuries, while Taubman suffered more severe physical harm, including a collapsed lung, a broken collarbone, and twelve broken ribs. Stranded for five hours in cold, fierce winds, they and four others awaited rescue.

This accident acted as a pivotal moment in their relationship, expediting their romance and leading to the official commencement of their partnership. Two weeks later, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley announced their separation.


Just nine months after their initial meeting, Richard and Christie exchanged vows on December 22, 1994, near the peak of Telluride Mountain. Brinkley designed her own wedding gown, and her daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, created the wedding invitations. Following a simple ceremony, the newlyweds donned ski attire, with Brinkley wearing her black ski boots.

They skied down the mountain to their reception held at the Gorrono Ranch restaurant. Christie decided it would be her final ski run, as she was four months pregnant. The gender of the baby was unveiled during the reception. In an interview, Brinkley expressed the couple’s appreciation for their fortunate circumstances, acknowledging their desire to be together always and to enjoy a lasting marriage.


Despite the birth of their son, Jack Paris Brinkley Cook, in 1995, Richard and Christie’s high-profile marriage was remarkably brief. The reasons behind the marital discord leading to their separation remained undisclosed.

Speculation arose that they had rushed into the marriage and had not taken sufficient time to know each other. Others speculated about financial disputes and Taubman’s alleged financial obligations to Brinkley, with no intention of repayment. In 1995, only a year after their marriage, Brinkley initiated divorce proceedings. Richard Taubman forfeited visitation rights to his son, Jack Brinkley, and Christie secured sole custody.

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