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Emmy Russell Loretta Lynn's Granddaughter

Who is Emmy Russell? | Biography

Emmy Russell is a musician and the great Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter who recently made waves after pulling off an outstanding performance infornt of Judges at the American Idol auditions.

How Old is Emmy Russell?

Emmy  is 24 years old, She was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who are Emmy Russell’s Parents?

Emmy is the daughter one of Loretta Lynn’s youngest daughters Patsy Lynn who is the twin sister of Peggy Lynn. Emmy’s grandparents are Oliver Lynn and Loretta Lynn.

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What Did Emmy Russell Do? | American Idol

Well, Emmy was obviously born with music in her DNA, being the granddaughter of one of the greatest country musicians to ever exist. On the 25th of February 2024, Emmy left everyones jaw on the floor after delivering an emotional yet amazing performance of a piano ballad called “Skinny” and you have to admit she really killed it. She performed the song infront of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, You can imagine that kind of pressure but she still managed to impress them all. But what surprised the judges even more was where she came from;

After the preformance Emmy Said;

“Growing up, I sang music my entire life,” Russel said, introducing herself. “I just love writing. I’m 24 years old. Songwriter. I love music. I don’t really sing out as much anymore, but growing up I sang on the road with—my grandma’s a country singer so I grew up singing.”


without hesitation Luke Bryan asked Emmy;

“Who’s your grandmother?”

Then Emmy Replied

“Loretta Lynn,”

Katy Perry was also left in Awe and had this to say;

“Emmy, you’re an A+ songwriter, So was your grandma, you’ve got the gift. I don’t think you need to compare yourself to what grandma was you’re totally different, you shouldn’t give yourself all that pressure. I think you came in like a mouse.”

Emmy Russell American Idol Performance

Below is the video where Emmy pulled off her greates audition on American idol;

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